Programme 2011

June 8th
9h30 Breakfast
9h50 Welcome address by the organizers
10h–11h Denis Roze, Incorporating drift and population structure into multilocus models
11h15–12h15 Thomas Broquet , Using coancestry modeling and individual-based simulations to explore the apparently chaotic patterns of genetic structure frequently observed in marine species,
12h30–13h45 Lunch
14h–15h Vincent Devictor , From theory to applications: scientific, epistemological and societal issues
The rest of the afternoon is free for discussions between the participants

June 9th
9h–10h Sébastien Lion, Evolution in structured populations: modelling genetic and demographic structuring.
10h15–11h15 Richard Gomulkiewicz , Evolution in stage-structured populations.
11h30–12h30 Session 1 : Metapopulations
12h45–13h45 Lunch
14h–15h Sonia Kéfi, To eat and not to eat. The structure of ecological networks.
15h15–16h30 Session 2 : Networks & interactions
16h45–17h30 Group discussions

June 10th
9h–10h Breakfast and posters presentations
10h–11h Guillaume Martin, Adaptation and Demography
11h–12h Session 3 : Demography and life histories
12h15–13h15 Lunch
13h30–15h Session 4 : Evolution & conservation
16h–17h30 Closing address and summary
17h30–… Discussions and drinks