We have the pleasure to invite you to the 9th edition of « Models in Ecology and Evolution » seminar. This year, the seminar will take place in Montpellier on May 31th – June 1st, 2018 at the CNRS delegation amphitheater.

It is organized by PhD students and post-docs and is targeted at students (M.Sc. and PhD students) and post-docs interested in theoretical approaches in Ecology and Evolution, with three major objectives:

  1. giving an overview of current modelling techniques used in ecology and evolution research: which tools for which questions?
  2. create a space for exchange between different methodological approaches to identify the similarities and complementarities.
  3. discuss the interest of modeling products for researchers in evolutionary ecology as for the general public.

The format of the seminar is designed to promote exchanges as much as possible and consists of a series of oral presentations by visiting researchers and students.

Registration is free and lunches will be taken care of. We strongly encourage participants to register quickly and to offer oral interventions (15 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion).

Stay tuned!